Recent engagements

M&A advisor to the owner of a Vancouver engineering consulting firm on its sale to a local entrepreneur with industry expertise.

Strategic advisor to a building automation systems (BAS) company in facilitating the buyout of the founder by an owner-manager.

Strategic advisor to the owners of a gardening products wholesaler as it expanded distribution agreements with its leading supplier, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a NYSE-listed company.

M&A advisor to the owner of a Vancouver-area business that manufactures and installs steel roofs and wall cladding for commercial and institutional projects on its sale to a strategic purchaser.

M&A and strategic advisor to the owner of a Vancouver craft brewery on its buy-side and sell-side activity in the US (Colorado) market.

Strategic advisor to senior management of a silica quartz project as it explored various growth initiatives. The company ultimately secured a significant royalty financing from a Toronto-based funder.

M&A advisor to the owners of a globally-recognized lifestyle company within the world of footwear and apparel, with multiple Canadian locations, on its acquisition by a FTSE-100-listed sports-fashion retailer.

M&A advisor to the owners of a Vancouver-area material handling business on its acquisition by an Ontario-based strategic purchaser.

M&A advisor to the Vancouver owners of a multi-site home medical equipment company. The acquisition was the entry into Canada for the Tennessee-based strategic purchaser which operates 123 branches in 43 states.

M&A advisor to the Vancouver owners of an online service for creating resumes at its highly-ranked domain name on its sale to, the world's #1 job site.

M&A advisor to the owners of a Vancouver value-added chemicals distribution business sold to a local entrepreneur.

M&A advisor to a Vancouver tech company on the sale of its customer data platform to a leading provider of intelligent email marketing and automation software, backed by Insight Venture Partners.

Strategic advisor to the co-founders of a building temperature controls company who had been business partners for almost a quarter-century. Facilitated the buyout of one partner by the other, which enabled the departing partner to achieve his exit and retirement objectives.

M&A advisor to the owners of the world's largest commercial conferences focused on the Internet domain name industry (held annually in Las Vegas) on its acquisition by a German-based company that owns and operates the largest series of technology events dedicated to the hosting and cloud industry.

Advised a TSX-V company on its acquisition of a direct-sales retailer of children's apparel.

M&A advisor to the owner of a company, founded in 1874, that is a comprehensive supplier of worldwide registry and legal support services. The purchaser is a provider of web-based real estate transaction platforms and the creator of an online community of conveyancing professionals.

M&A advisor to the owner of a manufacturer of engineered wood products in the Okanagan region of BC. The purchaser was one of the company's largest and longest-standing customers.

M&A advisor to the co-founders of a company in the aviation sector on its acquisition by a Vancouver-based regional airline.

Strategic advisor to the owners of a leading residential real estate firm with over 8,200 agents and 200 offices across Canada in sourcing, evaluating, and pursuing various growth and liquidity options. The owners ultimately executed a major sale of IP (and concurrent re-licensing) to a royalty company.

M&A advisor to buy-side client on evaluating a Canadian company that specializes in the high altitude performance of inspection, repair, and maintenance services for the wind energy industry.

Strategic advisor to the provider of “e-Community Centre” solutions in rural, underserved communities in the Philippines. Worked with company to develop an economic business model and platform to drive sustained growth in rural locations through delivery of health, education, agricultural, government, financial, and communication services.

Corporate finance advisor to a Vancouver marine sales and servicing business on its company restructuring and securing of growth capital through a secured debt financing.

M&A advisor to the owner of a Vancouver commercial interior design firm on its sale to Stantec (NYSE:STN).

M&A advisor to the owner of a building supplies business in rural BC. The sale involved the exit of the owner after 35 years of operations.

M&A advisor to the majority owner of a leading online network for the auto sector on its buyout by a private equity-owned publishing group.

Strategic advisor to a Johannesburg-based developer and provider of an award-winning zinc air fuel cell system that delivers an alternative energy solution to off-grid households in the developing world.

M&A advisor to a BC-based colocation business on a set of agreements with a division of a 50 year-old voice, data, and Internet provider that operates in Canada and the US.

Strategic advisor to a TSX-V company on two acquisitions of Chinese packaging companies, including a Jiangxi-based company with $30mm in annual sales of packaging products and services to companies in the drugs and pharmaceutical sectors, and a Xiamen-based company with $50mm in annual revenue that designs and manufactures hundreds of millions of shopping and retail bags per year.

M&A advisor to a BC-based biomass-to-energy business on its sale of principal assets to a competitor. The transaction closed within five weeks of inception.

M&A advisor to a Polish cable company on its sale of majority interest to a Prague-based private equity firm. The transaction involved US $18mm paid at closing, and post-closing committed funding of US$40mm.

M&A advisor to a BC-based renewable energy business on its sale of common shares and preferred shares for $8mm to a LSE AIM-listed company. The mandate involved share ownership consolidation and structuring.

M&A advisor to a Canadian company launching a single-source integrated solution for global maritime security. Negotiated purchase agreements with three long-established companies, including an Ontario-based provider of acoustic sonar systems, a Norwegian supplier of vessel traffic management systems, and a Norwegian developer of radar systems.

M&A advisor to a Costa Rican cement company on its sale to Cemex, the NYSE-listed Mexican multinational company.

M&A advisor to a BC-based food company with $100mm of annual revenue on its acquisition by the Jim Pattison Group, Canada's second-largest privately-held company.